How do I know what size to order for the Uke Leash half strap?

For sizing on the Uke Leash half strap – If you can, wrap a piece of ribbon or string around your armhole area, across your back and over to the top edge of your headstock on your ukulele. Measure how long that piece is, add at least 3 inches, and that can be a good guide to what would work for you. Small length is about 40 inches, medium about 45 inches, Large about 52, XL 58, XXL 64 inches.  Length is adjusted through the quick release buckle. The polypro can be trimmed, but you will lose the plastic dipped end, and will have to melt the end to prevent fraying. The leather strap can be cut with sharp scissors.

Are the Guitar Style Straps adjustable? 

Yes, they have a quick release buckle on the regular version, and an adjustable slide on the 2 button version. There is an additional length beyond the stated length (the medium 40" strap has an additional 3+ inches for adjustment).

For my Banjo Uke, how do I choose between one buckle and 2 buckles?

Choose one buckle if you will leave the strap on the banjo uke all the time.

Choose two buckle if you want to remove the strap to fit the banjo uke into it's case, or if you have additional banjo ukes that you want to switch between. Additional connectors are available.

I don't have PayPal. Can I pay by phone? Can I mail you a check?

Yes, just go ahead and place your order online, and choose Print and Call. I will get your order and email you my phone number. I can also take your order over the phone, if you prefer. Either way, I can process your credit card info. If you want to pay by check, just let me know by email (, and I will send you the details.

Do you ship to the UK?
Yes. Shipping time ranges from 5 to 10 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions