A strap for your ukulele can be a great help to many players because it helps to stabilize the instrument, so you can concentrate on your left and right hand technique, without fumbling the ukulele. If your ukulele didn’t come with a strap button, and most of them don’t, then you have an obstacle to using a standard strap. Maybe you don’t want to drill holes into your ukulele (strap button often is oversized and ugly), or don’t have a trusted craftsman to do the job for you (ukuleles can be damaged if the installation is not done correctly). Some ukuleles are designed to stand on end, and a strap button would ruin that feature. That is why I invented Uke Leash. It is a Ukulele Half-Strap support device that helps stabilize the neck so that your left hand can move freely up and down the fingerboard. It attaches with a strap around the headstock, and is secured to your body by the adjustable loop. No strap button needed, no glues or velcro-like tapes, no sound hole hooks to mar your ukulele. Great for all playing levels. Your right arm just lightly holds the ukulele in place, which is much easier with the neck already supported.

• 4 different configurations to choose from, so you have flexibility for function and comfot. 
• 2 Quick Release Buckles, one at the headstock, and one on the loop attached to your body.
• Extra Headstock straps available so one strap can be used on many ukuleles. Makes switching instruments during a session fast and easy.
• Allows your left hand to let go of the neck completely between chord changes.
• Stabilizing the neck aids in more accurate finger placement, especially for difficult songs.
• Helps improve tone, since you no longer have to clamp the soundbox tightly with your right arm to hold the ukulele in place.
• Especially helpful for top heavy ukuleles like “long necks” and ukes with geared tuners.
• Also works on Fleas/ Flukes, Cigar Box, Vintage Plastic, and Pineapple ukuleles. Works on ukuleles without traditional sound holes.
• Helpful for playing while sitting or standing.
• Multiple configurations to choose from. See which one works best for you.
• This strap can also be used as a training device, if you want to eventually play without a strap.
• Made of 1/2” (13mm) lightweight Polypro (polypropylene). Polypro is strong  (300 lbs. tensile strength), flexible, UV resistant, stretch resistant, mildew  resistant and waterproof. It even floats!
• Available in 10 colors
• Small, lightweight size makes it easy to store in your case or gig bag.
• Deluxe Leather Uke Leash also available.

Designed and Made in California, USA

Uke Leash Ukulele Half-Strap: No drilling, glues, tapes, or hooks.