Hi Lori,

I received the Uke Leash and extra strap today and they look and work great!  Thanks for the quick shipment. I was spending a lot of time on Ian Chadwick's site and kept seeing links to your site and decided to give it a try.  It was truly worth it!  I was very reluctant to add strap buttons to my Kamaka tenor but I do fingerstyle and the extra support really helps even though I always play seated. Your Uke Leash is the perfect solution and it looks great, too!

Best regards,

Duane– San Fransisco CA

Hi Lori, order arrived safely 06-16-2018
The leash is perfect to give me extra support for my ageing hands and it makes playing a pleasure again. Best of all, I didn't have to drill strap buttons into my Kiwaya soprano which would not have been a good idea. Thanks for prompt shipment and excellent service.
Stevenage UK

Hi Lori,

Here is my "five star" review of the Uke Leash (non-leather version):
"I'm delighted with my uke leash/half-strap. The half-strap does exactly what it says it does: free up your left hand so it can focus on fingering and not on supporting the uke.  After I got my half-strap and figured out how to attach it to my uke (about 3 minutes tops), it took me about 5 minutes of somewhat awkward fiddling around to figure out what configuration of the half-strap would be best for me.  After that, the strap felt entirely natural. (I use the "arm band" configuration.)  What a great product!"

My best,
Marlena – Massachusettes, US


I bought the Uke Leash after learning that it could be used around the ukulele itself instead of being attached to the player's arm.  Using it this way, the strap attaches snugly around the waist of the ukulele and then to the headstock (I personally find it best to attach the headstock strap between the tuners).  With the Uke Leash’s affordable price, range of colors (including leather), options (size and tag), and accessories, it is a fantastic solution if you don’t want to use (or add!) strap buttons on your ukulele.  I will be purchasing a few more Uke Leashes—and will also be bringing some into my classroom for students to use.

Chris — Prescott, Wisconsin


Hi Lori,

I received my package today and I just want to say I love every articles in it especially the uke leash straps.
It's a brilliant invention.With it, my acoustic ukes(I have 3) stay perfectly stable and I don't need to dig any holes in my ukes for it.

Thanks and I'll surely order new articles from your store.

Jeanne - Paris, France


Hi Lori
Been playing a few weeks now and we wouldn't be without our Uke Leash..they are simply brilliant .  Thank you.

Best regards
Tony – Leicestershire, UK


6 days from order to delivery in the UK! Brilliant service. Already tried my new Uke leash and I am very pleased!!
John– Harrogate, UK


Hi Lori-
My second uke leash order arrived yesterday, and I just wanted to comment on how I love this system! I’ve been playing uke and banjo uke for several years, and will admit to trying a number of different straps on the market. Sadly, none of them allow control of the neck the way the uke leash does. Strumming doesn’t require as much control, however intricate classical style pieces are a whole different story. I prefer the uke leash for my playing style, and it works especially well on my belt loop! Thanks for creating a fabulous product! Wish I would have discovered it sooner.  

Jodie– Twin Cities, Minnesota 

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the Uke Leash. It's working out fantastic. Great product!

 Andrea – West Bend, Wisconson


Thanks, Lori, for the super fast response and the codes!

I'll check with Guido (from Ukumele.de) to see if he plans to sell them or if they are for preorders or local events (he's a very nice and helpful guy, I like supporting him when I can). I may still end up buying directly from you since I'll need a few.

Good opportunity to thank you for inventing these. They really solved my frustrations and made learning ukulele much more enjoyable for me. So, thanks, you made a difference! :)



Happy Friday to you, Lori,

I used my tie-on adapter for my uke leash for the first time today.  I love it!!!  It has really elevated my level of playing and feels very natural.  I don’t even notice I’m using a strap.  It is wonderful.

Thank you for producing such a quality product!


Jennifer Garthwaite (UkeJenny)

Hello, Lori!

Here are photos (better late than never) of your fabulous creation: the adaptable, comfortable, versatile Uke Leash as configured for my Firefly Banjolele. Your encouragement to try out different adjustments of the Uke Leash website inspired me to see if I could make it easier and more comfortable to play the banjolele. And it worked! Thank you for your wonderful invention!

Testimonials from Customers

Looking forward to seeing you at our next ukulele meet-up!
Caroline Y.– Los Angeles, California

Hi Lori,

I've been meaning to send this email, letting you know that I finally received the Ukeleash a couple of weeks ago after you re-sent it..  Its simple and effective, giving my fretting hand enough extra support as I work on becoming more adept at chord changes.  I only have the one ukulele but plan on acquiring others as I travel along this Aloha Path of music and will no doubt get additional Ukeleashes.  In the meantime, I'll recommend it to others as I encounter them.

Thanks for your help and your inventiveness.


Irv, Washington D.C.

Re: Uke Leash Guitar Style strap

Thank you for the fine strap. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. I searched high and low till I came upon you site. Thanks again.

Jerry –Kendall Park, New Jersey


Hi Lori,

I received my size large uke leash in the mail yesterday. I am so thrilled with it...now I can adjust it to what heavier winter clothes I am wearing at any time. The uke leash is the best invention since the wheel....at least I think so! Thank you so much for such fast and wonderful service!
Have a wonderful time in your new home and enjoy it.

Cheryl – Manitoba, Canada

Hi Lori,   Just wanted to let you know I received the Uke Leash today that you exchanged for a larger size, and this one is perfect!  Thank you so much for doing that for me.  This is a great alternative because I did not want to put a strap button on my vintage Baritone that I have had for 47 years!  I just got it out of the hospital from having damage repaired from when a guitar shop put tenor guitar strings on it.  It pulled my bridge loose, and busted the nut.  I am in a local Ukulele Club, and our leader informed us we will need a strap......so this is just what I needed. Thank you so much for inventing such a great product!  

Amy Daniel – Arizona

Dear Lori,
 The Uke Leash arrived end of last week, all in good order. Thank you very
 much! I'm absolutely loving it, has immediately improved the speed of my
 chord changes and I'm rocking along to Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' as we speak.
 All the best,
 Antonia, London UK


Hi Lori ....
Last week I did my first stand-up gig using the Uke Leash .... Absolutely brilliant – and I wasn’t too bad either.
Made life so much easier especially on a windy day in Brixham – both hands needed for music & stand!
Nice piece of kit and works so well
Thanks ... Stuart
Brixham – England

Hello Lori!

I've received my Uke Leash about ten days ago. I'm very happy with it! Now I can play complex chords more easily and I will improve much faster. Is a very simple strap but very useful. You have had a great idea. I'll recommend Uke Leash to the people here in Spain. Thank you for your kindness and service. :)

Best regards from Barcelona!

Thanks Lori for sending it so fast like that :-)

It is perfect for the pineapple shape and comfortable for me.
I love the description of it "multi position support device".
It sounds like something my sis in law would say.  She is an engineer too.
I'm taking a uke class at the senior center in Huntington Beach taught 
by Authur L Hopkins.
He has your link on his list of resources for ukes.
I'll be sure and share with anyone who has a similar uke how great it 
feels.  And where they can get
great stuff at your site.

Thanks again

monica mcintyre


Hi Lori,
Just to let you know I received Uke Leash.  I am glad I got the small, it has even more extra length than I thought it would  from measuring myself.  The leash is going to work perfectly.  I needed something that would not hang around or near my neck and would hold up neck of Uke so I can chord easier.  I looked at a lot of straps for Uke’s and yours seemed to be exactly what I needed, I am glad I got it.
Thank you,


Hi Lori

My Uke Leash arrived this afternoon and I attached it to one of my little ukes right away. You have a terrific product!  It makes playing so much easier and more comfortable. I play "pretty good" and now I can play a "bit better"!  ; - )

Good, well-made product; nicely marketed; clear instructions on use; quick, efficient delivery; easy payment (even though I don't use PayPal); excellent all-around experience. I wish you every success with this venture. You deserve it!

And I hope that all that earthquake stuff isn't bothering you. Scary!

Stacey Bryant, New Jersey


Hello Lori,

I've just received my uke leash and I'm delighted. I don't have to mutilate my instrument to play with a strap on. Another thing that has always annoyed me about ukulele straps has been hooking them into the soundhole. This puts a lot of tension onto the front of the instument, and if it is an expensive uke (such as a good quality mahogany...) one careless yank could leave you with a heap of wood shards on the floor! So it's great to finally have a leash that cares for one's instument.
I hope you expand your product line in the future, because this is a great start. Thanks again and good luck for future products.

Felicia – Middlesex UK

Just wanted to let you know my uke leash arrived safely today, Brilliant service, got it quicker than some internal post. Well done Lori, joining a Uke club this week, will recommend you. Every success with your business.

Sue- Glouchester UK


Just a quick note to say that I indeed received the leash the next day, and I LOVE it!

As others have said, it's transformed the way I play, and already I hate playing without it - wish I had thought to order another headstock strap for the other uke I play most often!


Bambi– La Crescenta, California


Dear Lori,

I received my Ukeleash and it's awesome, thank you very much!

Myrte – Amsterdam


I have been using the Uke Leash for two months now and it has made playing my tenor uke much easier.
I would recommend it to anyone I know who wants to enjoy the uke more.

New York


Dear Lori,

I picked up my Uke Leash at the post office this morning and I haven't been able to put my uke down all day! For years I have been looking for something this beautifully designed to hold up my baritone uke. It fits like a charm, is completely adjustable to suit the player's and the uke's dimensions and it is amazingly elegant and superbly made. It did take quite a while to get here (Germany) because it had to go through customers. But it was definitely worth the wait and the price! I couldn't be more delighted!!


Don Kiraly
Germersheim, Germany


I received my UkeLeash today! Since I am new to the ukulele, it has been a little bit of a challenge to hold the uke and learn the chords at the same time. This product works great for me. I tried position one and like it. However, position three seems to work better for me. Thanks for a great product!

Happy Strumming,
Mike –Doral, Florida

Hi Lori,
Just wanted to thank you for making such a fantastic product and for the incredibly fast shipping! Uke Leashes are fantastic, especially the banjo uke leash! I ordered 4 Uke Leashes and 1 banjo leash on Monday (or maybe Tuesday) and they arrived today. You rock!

-Jen – Springboro, Ohio

Hi Lori,
The leash just arrived and I love it.
It is exactly what I needed. It's keeps Mr. Slippery in line and it's comfortable and pretty.
My banana fluke looks quite natty.
Thanks for the fast shipping too.

Helen –Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hi Lori
I just ordered and received my guitar style strap for my uke. Just wanted to thank you, it's great and just what I was looking for and it arrived here in australia in fantastic time. I can now stand and play without having to put my foot on a chair. It's also thin and manageable enough to stay attached to my uke in it's hard case. Considering purchasing an original one for my beautiful Kamaka as it has no strap pegs and Ive no intention of putting one on. I'll give it some thought.

Thanks again
Alix – Australia

So, Lori, thanks for all the Uke Leashes that are coming to Eureka, CA. They are all because of me *)
I have purchased several from you in the past (McKinleyville) and 2 Street Music finally agreed to carry some. Shirley Powell also got 2. Here's the thing. I use the leash with the strap that has the leather tag around the "waist" of the uke....over the sound hole. I see your guitar style, but "we" still do not want to drill in our ukes. It does NOT mute the sound the way I use it. The leash is very adjustable depending on where you place the buckle. My uke student has arthritis and the way I set her leash makes her able to play...when before she could not. I hope you will include my version of "how to use the uke leash" in your directions as I really think it works. I'm not looking to get anything out of it, I just belong to an extended family of uke players and think those of us with physical challenges REALLY can benefit from using the leash.

– Aloha! DeAnna


Hi Lori,

Package with uke leash arrived Friday morning. So that was very fast. Further this strap is a very handy thing that solved my problem immediately (without strap I had some difficulties to keep the uke stable and in good balance).

Thanks a lot and kind regards,

Roland T. - Grimbergen - Belgium

I would sincerely like to thank you for the Uke Leash. I just got one and it has made playing so much easier. I've been playing since I was 3, I'm 18 now, and have never seen anything like this. I play professionally and no longer have to worry about my clothing choice or hand cramps affecting my ability to perform. I was terrified of gluing or drilling my uke and you alleviated all those worries. I'm playing an all uke show next week, and you better believe I'll be spreading the word. Thank you for your ingenuity.

Michaela Killik – Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Lori,

Your Uke-Leash has made a huge difference in my ability to play and learn my Ukulele ... I can now dedicate my attention to playing rather than holding/balancing the Uke.

My earlier order was for myself and my girlfriend (also a Leash convert), with 2 headstock straps each, she already has her 2nd Uke and I am awaiting UPS for my 2nd. Today I am ordering the Uke-Leash as a gift for a friend as well as a 3rd headstock strap for myself (thinking about my 3rd Uke before my 2nd arrives). Thank you again for a great product & a really nice website!

-Doug & Mary from Portland, Oregon.

Hi Lori
Thanks very much for the Uke Leash which arrived today. It took me 2 minutes to fit it to my banjo uke and another 30 seconds to realise that your little device has transformed my banjo uke experience!

No longer do I have to struggle to hold an instrument which weighs 5lbs and is as slippery as a bar of soap. I can now relax as I play and concentrate on making music instead of suffering a kind of mad, banjo uke workout. I now feel in charge of my uke. Brilliant!

Very best wishes

Steve Trimmins - York, United Kingdom

Hi, Lori,

I just got the Uke Leash in the mail, and it is AWSOME! For the first time I feel like I can play the uke standing up, and it really seems to stabilize the instrument when I'm sitting down, too. I put it on my new Kala tenor and I like it a lot. I'm going to take it to my uke class tonight and I'll be interested to hear what others think of it. Congrats on a terrific product, I'll bet you'll be hearing from me again as I have UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome)...

Mike– Fairhope Alabama

Hi Lori,

I received my uke leash this morning and just gave it a test drive – AMAZING!!!! I love it. The added support makes the trickier chord changes so much easier. I'll definitely be picking up a few more headstock straps and another leash this summer when I get back to the States. I have ukes stashed in several locations (home, work, etc.) so I'd like to have one for each place. Great product!


Greg Israel in China


Hi Lori,

Just a quick thank-you note. I've been using my Uke Leash for the last couple of weeks and it's made my soprano ovation uke a lot easier to handle. As you probably know ovation guitars and ukes have that rounded 'lyrachord' back and they try and slip away from you, so having a strap onthe headstock makes it a lot more stable when there's only one end to worry about.


Andrew Robinson, New Zealand

Hi Lori.

Something of a lapsed finger style guitar player myself. Been playing on and off for 30 + years...

Just got my first ukulele as a Xmas gift, and it was love at first strum. I feel a bit like I'm addicted to it! Keep looking up various old jazz/pop tunes, and uke-ing around with them. What fun! And great as accompanyment for singing!

ANYWAY...just bought a leash from you, and wanted to say that I love it. It's a simple and elegant solution to the problem of having to modify my uke, (seems like a full strap wouldn't work well anyway, even with a strap button on the bottom of the body.) and the price point is right on par with similar neck, and full strap, products. I wish you much success with it!

And if you need the testimonial of a Professional Photographer, you know, 'cuz that'll impress them musician types, (LOL) I'd be happy to help!

John Morrison – Skokie, Illinois

Hi Lori,
I have received the uke leash I ordered. Thanks so much it is great and received so quickly after I ordered. I especially like the time you took to write a personal thank you on the invoice, its little things like that that go a long way. I have given your details to the members of my uke club so expect some more orders from the UK. Many thanks once again. --

Warm regards,
Raymond May – Oxfordshire, England

Just received my new leash & just wanted to say thank you for such a quick delivery & great service... It's a great product & helps greatly while I'm just starting out learning...
Thank you
George – United Kingdom

Dear UKe Leash
Thank you very much, My uke strap is fantastic, and makes a huge difference! Well actually without it chords are almost impossible for me, the strap makes playing and use of my hands much easier..so it becomes possible for me to play the ukulele, hooray!
Very best wishes from Mary – London, United Kindom

Lori, I just got my leash yesterday, in time for my local uke group! I love everything about this. The order process was quick and easy. The shipping time to Hawaii was quick and I the leash works just as advertised. I can't wait to play even more to use the leash to its fullest potential. I am now looking forward to songs with difficult chord changes!

David – Keaau, Hawaii

Dear Lori:
Oh, my God! These are awesome! I just got them today--thanks for your fast shipping, Lori--and have been using them all night. Sitting or standing, they are incredibly helpful if I am playing for any length of time. They really take the weight off. Particularly helpful if one has a uke with a heavier head (e.g closed tuners, which tend to be heavier) or when keeping a clipped electronic tuner (like the Snark) on the head. I'm now experimenting with using the different types of setups...arm, belt, shoulder. I can even extend it all the way and use it over my neck (not just the shoulder) like a traditional strap, sort of. I enjoy the low profile of them...thin Cordura (not thick like a guitar strap). And the Fastex-type buckles to hitch and unhitch...ingenious. So simple, so elegant. Anyhow, I'll share more comments as I go along. I told you originally that I might give a couple of these to my uke playing friends. Guess what--they're gonna have to buy their own. I'm going to use all four of these as I buy ukes over the years, one for each instrument. Okay, more playing tonight, since I'm not tired, because I use my uke leash.

Sincerely, Steve – Mahomet, Illinois

P.S. As I keep using it, I see that my thumb, which is behind the fretboard, is less tired. I seem to have to squeeze the fretboard less when I am fingering chords because the entire headstock is better supported by the uke leash. Neat!

Dear Lori,
I love my new Uke Leash! For the first time I can use both hands to play my ukulele without also having to support the neck. The Uke Leash is comfortable and looks nice as well. What a brilliant idea!
Stephen Lawson– Hermitage,Tennessee

Hi Lori,
My Uke Leash arrived today, and I wanted to take a moment to contact you. First and foremost, I want to say that the Uke Leash works exactly as advertised. I'm a newbie to the ukulele, and after 3 weeks I still couldn't find the perfect position for my ukulele. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of supporting it with my strumming arm, but I knew that something was not quite working for me. The Uke Leash makes a big difference--I truly didn't realize how much effort I was expending supporting my uke's neck with my fretting hand until I no longer had to do it. Secondly, I want to congratulate you on your business. Your website is professional yet friendly; you were extraordinarily prompt in answering my questions via email; I ordered my Uke Leash on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday; the packaging is attractive; and (last but not least) your product is well-made from high-quality materials. I wish everyone did business the way you do!

I wish you all the best,
Cindy– Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Lori…

My new Uke Leash just arrived a few minutes ago and it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m playing a 1934 Martin Style 1K ukulele that’s in like new condition so I didn’t want to modify it, stick anything to it, or hang it from a hook in the sound hole. I’m using your “Position 3” with my new Uke Leash and I couldn’t be happier. Chord changes that were awkward without a strap of some kind, are now a breeze. THANK YOU!

Larry Sribnick
Bellport, New York


Hi Lori!

I just got my brown Uke Leash and installed it on my tenor Kala ukulele. I
just wanted to let you know that your design is fantastic! I had been using
a classical guitar hook/necklace thing that helped out a bit, but it was
still tough to work the fretboard. As you may or may not know, ukes that
have geared tuners tend to be headstock heavy (like mine). I was always
fighting the instrument with the old strap, but yours virtually eliminates
this problem since that's where the strap attaches. I wasn't sure about
having the harness around my shoulder, but its very comfortable and secure.
I love the quick-release clasps too.
Anyway, kudos for coming up with a unique and effective solution for us
uke players. I hope the product takes off for you!

John Taylor
Omaha, Nebraska

Hi, the uke leash got here safely and is just awesome. It's great in its intended form, or attaching to an end pin. It doesn't get in the way the way a guitar or mandolin strap does, and it's such an easy thing to switch between ukes, or switch from end pin to around the arm. And even the medium size is enough for a large woman with much of the weight going to the upper arm area. :) Also, I can now get through Hotel California in its original key on a tenor uke. It's mostly bar chord, so you tend to lose the neck without a strap! It's finally a strap for a uke specifically!

Kim in Finland

Just received my new strap today. I have tried different straps in the past, and now I think I've found what I've been trying to find for a long time. Everything about the leash makes holding and playing the Ukulele a dream, no more trying to hold it up with my pinky finger and trying to steady the head with my thumb. I use a wheelchair, and with a conventional strap I was always getting strain on my neck, wearing the leash gives so much more freedom of movement.
Anyone that doesn't want to drill holes in there Ukes should give the Uke Leash a go.
One happy customer.

Leroy Forbes
United Kingdom


Thank you so much for my new Uke Leash! I had already purchased strap buttons to install on my first "real" Ukulele (a beautiful new tenor by KoAloha). As I was scanning the internet for suggestions on where to drill my holes, I came across you site -- and it stopped me in my tracks. I received my Uke Leash in today's mail (only two days after ordering it), and am amazed at its beauty and simplicity. What's more, it works like a charm! I had been using a "hook" style classical guitar strap previously, and I find that your Uke Leash: 1. is more ergonomically friendly 2. is safer for the instrument 3. provides a more "playable" interface between the player and the instrument, by entirely freeing up the fret hand 4. does not hinder the natural vibrancy of the instrument, as my old strap did. Amazing! I also find the brown leather version that I ordered to be quite attractive, and don't mind the new addition to my headstock at all.

Thanks again, and best wishes in all of your endeavors!

Fullerton, California


I wasn't a questionaire person but possibly your first customer. Let me just say that the Ukeleash is awesome. It's not easy to create a device that will support your Uke while playing it but Ukeleash fills the bill with unquestionable quality and support. Thank you for all the thought and design that went into your product at an unbeleievable low price!

Dave Shelton – Austin, Texas


Dear Lori, I just got home from vacation and there was your package! I tore it open and installed the straps on my ukes. Love it! It works so well on one more strap? I forgot that the bass uke goes to different gigs than the regular ukes and I wanted another strap to go in THAT gig bag so I am not at a gig without one. Yours, Sharon---a very happy customer! I hope you make tons on this product!

Sharon Porter – La Grange, Oregon